The Power of Intercession Second EditionWith all the calamities going on in the world today and people becoming more self-centred, the second edition of this book is so timely. Many Churches have become self-centred in prayers; the world itself has become a nightmare to live in. This book will remind and teach us, Why the Prayers of Intercession are essential in these last days and what is the Spiritual insight entwined in 1 Timothy 2:1-4; when Paul said, “he admonishes all men to PRAY.”This book gives a full biblical insight on Intercession, and its impact in the world we live today. It also gives a full detailed explanation of what Worship is all about and its importance in your daily walk with God. You will understand how the Power of Praise will defeat your enemy.YINKA finally takes you beyond the scope of Intercession and inspires you to become an active ambassador and partner with God in His kingdom on earth.Being concerned with the well-being of others is a mark of a true intercessor. Intercessors care for God’s creation. It is a selfless concern which will receive a reward.


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