Who We Are

Glory Publishers is a Christian-based bookstore and school of Ministry.
We are a team of talented and passionate believers who are hungry to spread the Truth of God’s Word in these last days.

What We Do

Glory Publishers is dedicated to Publish God’s Word of Power in simplicity and Truth through our Published resources, Teaching of the Word and Speaking engagements.


Its mission is to Write and Publish resources that are inspirational and educative. And, instructive books or booklets, magazines and any form of writing resources, in genres that are healthy to the mind and build up the moral and destiny of their readers.

What We Believe

The Bible is the infallible Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and is the road map to man’s divine destiny.


To be a multi lingua bookstore, mainly in English.

To conduct seminars, conferences and workshops based on published resources.

To have a School  of Ministry; where the Word of God will be taught in simplicity, through writings, video animations and pictures, for better understanding.

The form of writing will be books, booklets, journals, magazines, tracts etc.

To have both a traditional and digital library.

To have a book stand in every airport.

Olayinka Iyabo Oloyede, (nee Adeleye) is a Minister of the Gospel that operates in the five fold ministry. She is a Publisher, Author and Entrepreneur. She also is the President of Hope Centre Germany.

 Yinka is a mother of four active children, Yetunde, Tobi, Femi and Bunmi and they reside in Germany.

Bsc (ed) Chemistry.

Online studies in Publishing and Creative Writing.

Ordained Pastor.

President Hope of Centre German.y

Visit our School for Ministry and become a Student of God’s Word of Power.
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School of Ministry

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